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Where to Play Roulette Online

Posted February 26, 2023 by josh in Casino Games

There is so much choice available to both new and existing online Roulette players as a result of fierce competition between Casinos. All sites want you to play their game, so there must be some sort of incentive for you to go ahead and play it right? The simplicity of the game is lost however when players are faced with variations like Bagatelle Roulette or Three Way Roulette but the fundamentals of choosing where to play should never change. The house edge should always be the main reason when choosing where and which type of game to play. The French version offers players the smallest house edge available today compared to any other Roulette game in play today, and should be the first stop for any serious player. The reason for this minimal house edge is the single zero style game it offers in addition to the half stakes it returns when zero comes up. The double zero nature of American Roulette makes it a very unattractive game to play if the option of other versions is available, although players can have the best of both worlds and play Bonus Roulette, which has a better house edge and added incentive to play. Click here to view the best casinos for Roulette

Best online casinos to play roulette

In terms of choosing an online Casino to play at is slightly more difficult however as players are faced with a minefield of joining offers and fancy gimmicks. Obviously looking out for the European and French version of the game should be high on the list alongside the chance to play roulette in a live casino. This is a great way have the experience of playing in a real Casino without the need to even leave your seat. A live stream is sent to the players browser with a real croupier spinning every minute or so and a virtual table for players to place their bets within. Most established Casinos offer this nowadays and can offer reassurance to players looking for a real authentic game to play. Our favourite casino to play Roulette is 32 Red thanks to their generous welcome bonus.

The double spin version of the game caught the attention of a large amount of players when released due to its unique wheel lay out. There is a yellow slot that is 1.5x larger than the regular red/black slots and is utilised to pay out an extra bonus to players if it comes and out and active on the board. As a result the house edge is shrunk to a mere 1.94%, meaning it is up there competing for the “best value” Roulette game!

Benefits of playing online Roulette

Every Casino in operation today offers some very attractive bonuses to new and existing players. These can range from a welcome bonus on your first deposit to a range of incentives designed to keep players coming back and becoming a regular player. Which ever one you choose, it is best that you stick with this as the rewards for returning customers can be very lucrative.

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