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Variations of Roulette

Posted February 26, 2023 by josh in Casino Games

With the rise in popularity of online roulette, it is no surprise to see there are a lot of strategies all designed to make a quick buck. We all know it isn’t that simple however and many of these systems are flawed from the start, but there is one that seems to have stood its ground over the years and that is the doubling up “Martingale” system. This has been around since before the wheel was even invented and follows a very simple protocol of doubling up on a losing bet of black or black. For example, lets start with a bet of £10 on red and blacks comes up, then players must place £20 on their next bet, so on and forth. Lets say there are five losing colours in a row, this will mean on the following bet will be £640 just to recoup the loses made in the previous games. The more you look at it the more it looks like a sure thing especially if you have the funds to go ahead and follow the plan, but in reality with the restrictions on stake sizes and the house edge it will eventually end in tears unfortunately. Although lets not take away from the fact that this can be a great way treble or quadruple a bank in as many spins in a very quick time indeed.

Best strategy for online roulette

Now when playing any online game, it is important to have some sort of goal or strategy. Whether it is to increase your bank by 10% or even 50%, there must be a limit to the amount of the game played, win or lose. You see people in bookmakers aimlessly spreading their bets time and time again, without a care for the bank they have amassed/lost, and this is only going to end in one big bet that will end it all. So take precautions when playing roulette on a regular basis and make notes of your winning and losing days so you see how much your are up or down in a given period. This will make it a lot easier to set a limit for the session and keep yourself at a level you feel comfortable playing at. Good luck!

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