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How to Play Online Roulette

Posted February 26, 2023 by josh in Casino Games

Roulette is by far the most popular online casino game today, down to its sheer simplicity and the variety of options it offers to players of all staking plans. It is a simple table based game that includes a wheel with numbers 0-36, where the number is selected, and an adjacent table where players place their bets. Although it must be mentioned that there are variations of the well known standard European Roulette, notable French, American and even Bonus, although we will start with the basic single zero game and progress from there. Playing roulette online has many benefits, mainly eliminating any time restrictions put in place inside a real casino. Apart from that, there are no distractions and also the pressure is vastly decreased, making the whole experience a lot more enjoyable. Click here to view the best casinos for Roulette

Tips for playing roulette

Firstly the wheel, there are 18 red slots, 18 black and a single green which is obviously the number zero. Alongside this is a single small ball that will rotate around the wheel and drop into a slot whenever the player decides to hit the “Bet” button and start the process. Chips are easily accessible too and usually come in smaller denominations for players with a smaller bank.

This should never be done however until all bets have been placed on the joining table. This is slightly more complex, but still easy to pick up. Players can bet on either inside the table or outside, both of which offer a great deal of selections, covering every possible angle!

Inside Bets

(Anything inside of the numbered grid is considered an inside bet and does appeal to more strategic players.) Here is a run down of the usual suspects:

  • Single (35/1)–Players can bet on any single number for example, which pays 35/1 NOT 36/1! This shows the house edge the casino has over the player in its barest form with the number zero!
  • Split (17/1) – This involves placing a chip over any two numbers that includes 0 and then either 1, 2 or 3.
  • Corner (8/1) – This is a bet that covers four numbers and is placed by clicking the centre of the 2×2 square.
  • Street (11/1) – A street bet is usually placed along the bottom of the table, covering 3 numbers in a single column.
  • Double Street (5/1) – Very similar to the previously mentioned, though players can bet across two columns here.

Outside Bets

  • 1 to 18 (Evens) – This isn’t rocket science here, a bet that covers the first half of numbers on the wheel
  • 19-36 (Evens) – Very similar to before, but this allows a bet to be placed on the higher numbers
  • Red or black (Evens) – The ultimate question! It’s either a red or black number, it’s that simple
  • Odd or Even (Evens) – Slightly more niche, players can bet on whether the winning number is odd or even, but take note however that zero is neither.
  • Dozen bets (2/1) – a bet on the first (1-12), second (13-24), or third group (25-36) of twelve numbers
  • Column bets (2/1) – This is a bet on all 12 numbers on any of the three vertical/horizontal lines depending on the layout of the table.

When playing online Roulette, players have the option to use ato cleverly place their bets within particular areas inside the wheel. This can be accessed by clicking the Roulette wheel icon located somewhere within the active browser and closed again in the same fashion. Betting in strings of 5 numbers, players can cover the five respective numbers within the Roulette wheel, making the game a lot more about location of the ball instead of blind luck. Now this is considered “Expert” betting and should be carefully considered before going in for the kill, as a single bet in this mode is actually 5x the original stake. Here are the 37 numbers that a standard Roulette wheel has, exactly in the order they appear:


Best online casinos for playing roulette

That’s pretty much it in terms of betting, the rest is entirely up to the player in question, although muting the annoying croupiers voice in the back ground should be carefully considered also! Click here to visit some of our recommended online casino for playing roulette

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