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Straight from the world of the superheroes, from inside the well-thumbed pages of Marvel Comics Universe, came the X-Men. Ever wondered what the X stands for?  X-traordinary?  X-ceptional? No, it was because of their ‘X’ gene – a gene which mere mortals lack and which gives these mutants their eXtra special powers. The X-Men’s first ever appearance was actually in a September 1963 issue of the comic and from that point on, these young mutant heroes were trained to use their powers for the benefit of humanity. Play X-Men slots at William Hill casino.

X-Men online slot

Playtech’s X-Men slot machine benefits humanity too – a 25 payline video slot where players can wager up to 10 coins per payline.

There are two generous game features on X-Men, one of these is extremely simple and the other could very well possess mutant genes because of its overwhelming complexity. The X Feature is the simplest and it quickly comes in to play when only the super heroes occupy the 5 positions on Reels 2, 3 and 4 that form an X. Five times the total bet is paid with this feature but it is only available in the normal spins mode. There are plenty of casino bonuses available to play X-Men.

X-Men slot bonus feature

And moving on to the complex one:-  If you find that three or more scatter symbols appear on the reels then the Free Games feature is automatically triggered. This game has two modes, the Villains mode and the Heroes mode, alternating between the two modes. Although there are an unlimited number of spins on the Heroes mode, the Villains mode only provides 8 free spins. The game starts in the Heroes mode, however only the super heroes and the wild symbol appear in this mode. Magneto appears as an extra wild symbol. If Magneto appears on Reel 3 then the game switches to the Villains mode but as before only the super villains and the wild symbol appear in this mode. Xavier appears as an extra wild symbol. When Xavier appears on Reel 3 then the game switches to the Heroes mode. Each and every time the game switches to the Villain mode the count starts from the previous number. Once 8 spins are over in the Villains mode the Free Games feature comes to an end. See what I mean about complexity?

It is worth mentioning that The Four Level Marvel Mystery Jackpot is an exciting feature linked to X-Men and it is randomly triggered but just to pre-warn you, this has greater chances of being triggered at larger wagers.

Play X-Men slot online

Playtech’s X-Men is certainly worth a look and Gambling Online Casinos thinks that this is certainly a game that possesses that little something extra. Play the X-Men slot now at William Hill casino.