Zeus III

January 10, 2016
Slot Game

Win big while exploring ancient Greek mythology

Ancient Greece is known for being the birthplace of democracy and the Olympics, for its city states such as Sparta and Athens, and for its intricate and fascinating mythology. This is a time and place that saw the epic stories of Ulysses, formidable battles such as the ones in Troy and Thermopylae, and coexisted with a murky world deities mixed with men. Some of these gods still exist in our contemporary lives, as we use their names for terms and symbols on our daily language; among them we find Apollo, Odysseus, Oedipus, Orpheus and Narcissus. In creating an atypic online 3D slot machine game consisting of 6 reels and 193 paylines, Williams Interactive decided to explore the iconic and powerful deity of Zeus, god of the sky, lightning, thunder, law, order and justice, king of the gods of Mount Olympus and ruler of the heavens. He is, according to Greek mythology, the ultimate god.

Zeus 3 - Slot

After a first slot machine featuring Zeus, Williams Interactive invites us to rediscover the famous Greek god with this game which features stunning graphics. Players will be more than stunned at the sight of this online slot game. In the background, we can admire Olympus, the realm of the gods and a white marble temple resembling the acropolis in Athens. The reels here are a bit different; they are structured in a pyramid pivoted at 45 degrees, in such as way the each reel display a different number of symbols. Reel one displays 7 symbols, reels two displays 6 symbols, reel three 5, reel four 4, reel five 3 and reel six 2. These reels host beautiful symbols representing the winged horse Pegasus, a ship sailing on a stormy sea, an Athenian soldier’s helmet, a decorated vase, a silver coin, a bold of lightning held in the giant hand of Zeus and the face of Zeus. The slot game Zeus III also features a successful sound environment; between each round, the player can hear sounds such as birdsong or lightning. When the reels start spinning, an epic music starts can be heard. If the player creates a winning combination, certain symbols are animated and a joyous melody is played.

Features and Bonuses of Zeus III

The online 3D slot machine Zeus III is equipped with 6 reels and 192 paylines. To remain accessible to all, this game offers a wide range of bets. Players can wager between £0.40 and £160 per line. When the symbol depicting the hand of Zeus holding a bolt of lightning lands simultaneously 3, 4 or 5 times on the reels, the player is rewarded with 10, 25 or 50 free spins respectively. During these, the decor changes and offers a more explosive atmosphere. At any time during the game, a wild symbol may pop up. It can substitute all other symbols except the one triggering the free spins.

Scatter Symbol: The hand of Zeus holding a bolt of lightning becomes the scatter symbol and triggers the round of free spins which can result in a 50x wager scatter payout.

Wild Symbol: Zeus III has 2 wild symbols; Zeus and the coliseum. Both of these symbols can substitute for the other symbols to create new winning combinations with the exception of the scatter.

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Multiplier Symbol: There is no real multiplier symbols in Zeus III but it features a winning multiplier which takes form in the scatter payout as well as in the round free spins. Players can win as much as 50x their total wager scatter payout when playing the round of free spins.

Our Thoughts

Zeus III is a pleasant 3D video slot machine and will easily be liked by gamers of all levels, thanks in part to its divine design and ease of use.

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What is the maximum jackpot of Zeus III?

Zeus III offers a maximum jackpot of £64,000.

What are the special features of Zeus III?                                         

Zeus III offers Scatter and Wild symbols, Free Spins and multipliers.

What is the payout % of Zeus III?

The payout % of Zeus III is 96%

How many paylines and reels does Zeus III have?

Zeus III features 6 reels and 192 paylines.

At which casinos can I play Zeus III?

Zeus III is a Williams Interactive online slot game available at William Hill Casino.