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Midas Millions is the latest whacky project to emerge from the established team at Ash Gaming. This reputable developer is known for changing up traditional slot features and layout, but this game takes it to a new level. The game is set on a honeycomb structure, featuring 17 different symbols all arrange in a 3, 4,3,4,3 pattern. As a result, the game states that there is a colossal 118,700 ways to win in Midas Millions!!! This figure is accumulated from all the possible combinations within the honeycomb in addition to matching groups of symbols randomly within it. This is a whopping figure whichever way you look at it and will surely tempt the big stakes punters to the game as the betting ranges are second to none. When spinning players will notice there are no specific lines to look out for just a maze of crazy winning combinations and there is no spinning involved either, just a swiveled honeycomb that presents the next symbol. Choose an online casino to play this fantastic slot at.

The game play is surprisingly fast also, boasting really neat graphics and animations to really make the 3expereinces of playing this game a special one. The theme is basically a life of luxury, with Midas seating himself behind the honeycomb watching on as you take your chance in bagging yourself a mint.

Where to play Midas Millions slot

There are plenty of wilds to be had in Midas Millions due to the layout of the game, but in addition to this there are connecting wilds also. King Midas himself will connect any 2 wilds on the same diagonal to really up the chance of hitting a sizable win. If players are lucky enough to receive a couple of Golden Wilds then sit back and enjoy the delights of all wins being doubled! Super wild symbols are the real money spinner in Midas Millions, turning other symbols around it to wild also, with the chance to change up to six symbols.

This awesome slot also features a really lucrative free spins, which can be accessed by spinning 3 of the ‘free spin’ icons. Once triggered players are awarded 10 free spins, with a whole new symbol layout to explore and hopefully reap the benefits. After each spin, King Midas will change 0, 1 or 2 symbols to ‘locked wilds’, meaning they will remain as a wild for the remainder of the free spins to increase your chances of landing a win.


Final Say


Be prepared to have your socks blown off by this Ash Gaming slot, it has everything a big stakes player wants: plenty of smaller in game win with the chance to really cash in during the feature rounds.