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There’s definitely a great fun ‘catch me if you can’ atmosphere in what is Sky Vegas’ most entertainingly slapstick Cops and Robbers pub slot. During this great game, the player, you, is the robber, the baddy, the runaway, the absconder, Scotland Yards MOST WANTED! However, with perhaps the greatest exception for a normal, everyday run of the mill robber, you will not find yourself going home with an empty loot bag! As you get chased by the increasingly angry coppers, you also find yourself on a getaway path full of enticing rewards. But as always, the life of a robber is not an easy one and there are a few challenging pitfalls along the way. Play Cops N Robbers at Sky Vegas.

Cops and Robbers slot information

Cops and Robbers slot machine presents itself as a 3 reel slot machine complete with a full range of control options like the nudges and holds, and players can win multipliers and control progress with a 36 item interactive trail board.

Cops and Robbers Trail Feature

If three swag bags appear on the reels then The Trail Feature is triggeredVarious types of symbols then appear that are both advantageous and disadvantageous to the player.

During The Trail Feature the player as the escapee is furtively chased by the increasingly furious police over the range of accelerators and obstacles in the trail’s 36 squares. Sadly it’s Game Over if the cop catches you and you return home empty handed. But there are many opportunities to avoid capture and it’s easy to take full advantage of them. The experienced robber quickly becomes accustomed to the good fortune moves that are available.

The player’s experience is not robbed of exciting times and great fun features whilst playing the Cops and Robbers slot. For example the slot comprises of other entertaining types of games including:  Cops and Robbers, Costa del Cash, It’s a Fair Cop, Doing Time

The theme is inherently amusing but the vividly colourful symbols of the law like the helmets batons and handcuffs add to the slapstick humour of this game.  Make sure you grab a slots bonusbefore you play Cops N Robbers.

Ello, Ello, Ello! bonus feature”

Be sure to keep a beedy robber’s eye out for the “Ello, ‘Ello, ‘Ello” feature.  This is a pick-a-win feature where the player is shown 3 prizes of varying values in the text window. These are then hidden and moved around the text window quickly. Like what is often seen on a pub quiz machine bonus round, the player has to follow the prizes and pick one after the jumble. This is surprisingly great fun to do and quite a challenge.

Fill up your swag bag today but don’t let the coppers catch you! Play now at Sky Vegas.