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The Avalon II online slot is one of the latest creations the leading casino game developer Microgaming and a worthy sequel to Avalon, which took the market by storm upon its release. After several years of enjoying the first game, players finally have the chance to sample an updated and feature-rich version… The original title was extremely successful, but it’s clear that Avalon II will surpass its older brother.

Avalon II slot by Microgaming

Avalon II slot by Microgaming

For those who are unfamiliar with Avalon, it’s an imaginary island that comes from old English legends found in Arthurian literature. This is where King Arthur is said to have been brought to after his last battle with Mordred and is the birthplace of the powerful enchantress Morgan le Fay. It’s also where Arthur’s sword, Excalibur, is rumoured to have been forged. This legendary island has led to all sorts of interpretations in English literature and folklore, and is also associated with famous names such as Camelot and the Round Table.

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Avalon II immerses you into the world of Arthurian legends with the characters of Arthur, Merlin, Guinevere, the fairy Morgan and the Black Knight, who all appear on the reels as symbols. Some of the characters have their own features, like Merlin who randomly appears and offers the choice of either instant cash prizes or multipliers on the wins you have made on previous winning lines. Other symbols include the Avalon II symbol, which is the game’s highest paying icon, as well as more special symbols such as the Grail Bonus and the Lady of Lake expending Wild.

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Avalon II is a pure success in all aspects. The graphics and animations have been skillfully crafted and gaming options are more than interesting. This slot is played across 5 reels and 243 Ways To Win and allows you to bet between £0.30 pence and £7.5.

Magical Number of Features

If you’re looking for a casino game with loads of features, Avalon II is the answer. This remarkable online slot is full of intrigue and revelations… Here is a glimpse at these features but you will discover there full characteristics by playing the game at 32 Red Casino:

Lake of Legend

Reforge the sword Excalibur by rolling dice in order to assemble the fragments.

Misty Vale

Get 15 Free Spins and choose your extra wild.

Whispering Woods

The mystical White Knight will offer 5 shields to choose from.

Forest Falls

Offers 20 Frees Spins with trailing wilds.

Dusky Moors

Match 2 Helms to win a prize.

Morgan’s Keep

You’re awarded 20 Free Spins with rolling reels.

Halls of Shadows

Defeat the Black Knight to recover the grail

Isle of Avalon

Spin the wheel of Avalon to reveal a prize.

Avalon II Verdict

Avalon II is more than a slot; it’s a true entertainment experience which transcends what we now expect of online gaming and surpasses many of its contemporaries by using strong imagery and an incredible number of special feature. We can confidently claim that Avalon II currently offers the summum in 3D slot experience.


What is the maximum jackpot of this game?

Avalon 2 has a maximum jackpot of 120,000 coins.

What are the special features of this game?

Avalon 2 has Wild symbols, Free Spins, Multipliers and Bonus Games.

What is the payout % of this game?

The payout % of Avalon 2 is 97%

How many paylines and reels does this game have?

Avalon 2 features 5 reels and 243 Ways-To-Win.

At which casinos can I play this game?

Avalon 2 is a Microgaming slot which is featured at 32 Red Casino.