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Straight from the world of the superheroes, from inside the well-thumbed pages of Marvel Comics Universe, came the X-Men. Ever wondered what the X stands for?  X-traordinary?  X-ceptional? No, it was because of their ‘X’ gene – a gene which mere mortals lack and which gives these mutants their eXtra special powers. The X-Men’s first…

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The 2008 superhero film came straight from those now age-stained, well- worn pages of the Marvel Comics Empire. An interesting classic tale of a reluctant superhero, the Hulk’s alter ego Dr. Bruce Banner becomes a vulnerable pawn in a military scheme to reinvigorate the ‘Supersoldier Program’ through gamma radiation. He desperately tries to rid himself…

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Playtech intends to compete with the millions of viewers of the film Gladiator with this online slot machine version of the now classic film. The visual effects, exhilarating soundtrack and lifelike characters, certainly make competing with box office numbers a viable intention. Gladiator online slot The important, frequent symbols in this game are: General Maximus,…

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